Dr. Mouhannad Al Khiymi about our Rebellion Bone Removal System

Today we are pleased to present a video interview with a renowned neurosurgeon. Dr. Mouhannad Al Khiymi talks about our Rebellion Bone Removal System.

In the interview, Dr. Al Khiymi shares his experiences and impressions about our bone punch. He is enthusiastic about the punch’s outstanding performance:

“Well, I have to honestly admit that the punch is really handy. It punches quickly. The suction is really effective, even more intense than the normal suction. Bone fragments are sucked up faster than a flash of decompression. The punch sucks up everything that comes in contact with the punch tip. Be it soft tissue media or bone.”

“It even manages to suck up the ligamentum flavum, even if it’s hard, if the flavum has hardened, the suction still works. So it’s tip-top! I use the Rebellion Bone Removal System for every procedure, especially for stenosis. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Dr. Al Khiymi also talks about the benefits of the Rebellion system in terms of preventing dura leaks, “The risk of dura leaks is much lower because it is rounded, but at the same time it cuts sharply. Since I started using the Rebellion, I have fewer dura leaks.”

In addition to the product’s performance and reliability, Dr. Al Khiymi also mentions the time he saves by using the Rebellion punch: “I don’t always have to remove the punch from the surgical site and give it to the nurse to clean. It saves me at least 11 minutes every step of the way.”

Our bone punch is available in a variety of sizes. Dr. Al Khiymi talks about his personal preference for the 4-mm variety. However, he also considers purchasing a smaller size for certain procedures.

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Many thanks to Dr. Mouhannad Al Khiymi for his valuable insights and recommendation of the Rebellion Bone Removal System!

Be sure to watch the full interview and learn more about the Rebellion Bone Removal System in the video. It’s worth the click!