Prof. Dr. Henry Halm about our Rebellion Bone Removal System

We are pleased to share the positive review of our Rebellion Bone Punch from Henry Halm, the renowned Chief Physician at the Specialist Center for Spinal Surgery and Scoliosis Center at the Schön Klinik Neustadt.

He has experienced our innovation, the Rebellion Bone Removal System, first-hand and his experience speaks for itself: “It’s very sharp. And it remains sharp for multiple level ponte osteotomy. A very useful tool. On in on we are very satisfied.”

These words mean a lot to us, coming from an expert in his field. Our team at Morpheus AG has worked hard to develop high quality and efficient surgical instruments and this feedback validates our efforts. Our commitment to innovation and supporting medical professionals in their tasks is what drives us. We are proud to help ensure that surgeons like Prof. Dr. Halm can perform their work with confidence and precision.

Thank you for your positive words and your confidence in our Rebellion Bone Removal System. We are always striving to push the boundaries of medical technology and improve patient care.

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