Dura preparation from Th12 to L5

In the last few months, we introduced you to our unique bone removal system. This time we would like to show you how well the Rebellion really works.

The surgery was performed by Prof. Dr. Reza Akhavan-Sigari, chief surgeon and head of the neurosurgery department at the Paracelsius Clinic in Bremen.

The case involved a dura preparation from Th12 to L5. Prof. Akhavan-Sigari needed only 1,5 hours to prepare the entire area from Th12 to L5. The bone collector was filled 2,5 times. The Rebellion did an excellent job and Prof. Akhavan-Sigari was very pleased with the result.

He said the Rebellion Bone Removal System has helped him significantly reduce OR time, and especially in cases of two levels and more, it will help surgeons perform surgeries faster while collecting excellent quality bone: “I will suggest to the clinic director to use the Rebellion regularly in such cases.”